Ingestion from GCP Pub/Sub


If you're already reporting events to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Pub/Sub you can leverage Stigg's native connector to forward these events to Stigg and track feature usage.

Under the hood, the connector leverages a GCP Function designed to actively listen to a Pub/Sub topic, map events to the Stigg event schema format and send them to Stigg in batches at one-second intervals.


Getting started


  • Create a terraform/terraform.tfvars file with the following content and fill in the values:
  • Change the directory cd terraform/
  • Run terraform init to initialize the project
  • Run terraform apply -var-file=".tfvars" to deploy the Cloud Function

Connecting to a metered feature in Stigg

To allow Stigg to meter feature usage based on reported events, an event-based metered feature must exist in Stigg.

If you haven't defined a meter for these events in Stigg yet, click here to learn how to do so.

Example project