Going live

When you're ready to go live, ensure that you perform all of the actions in the below checklist:

  • Create a dedicated Stigg environment for production (see Selecting the integration environment).
  • Copy your product catalog settings to the production environment (see Setting up your product catalog).
  • Update your codebase to use the Stigg production server and client API keys when running in your production environment.
  • If you integrated Stigg with a third-party business application, configure the integration in the Stigg production environment and ensure that the integration is made against the production instance of the third-party solution.
  • Recommended Enable client-side (frontend) security enforcement to prevent unauthorized access to data when integrating with Stigg. Learn more about how this can be done in this article.


An ability to easily push changes in a self-served manner from development and staging Stigg environments to production is planned. In the meantime, our support team would be happy to assist you with this process.