Modeling your pricing

Leverage Stigg's product catalog to model your pricing using the building blocks of the Stigg platform:

  • Products represents a product family or business line that you offer to your customers - products are composed of plans and add-ons.

  • Plans and add-ons define the way that you package and monetize your product's functionality - plans and add-ons have a price and a set of features that customers are entitled for when they purchase a subscription to them.

  • Features are the most basic building block of the Stigg platform, and represent configurable functionality in your application that can be monetized.

  • Coupons can be used to grant customers discounts.


Stigg's architecture allows you assign and transfer features to different products, plans an add-ons without requiring any additional engineering resources

Before we begin

Stigg supports the creation of multiple environments in each account in order to support your existing product development process. Every environment is isolated from one another.

Select the environment that will be used for the initial integration of Stigg with your application.

We recommend first integrating Stigg with a development or staging environment.


When a new environment is created, a default product for that environment will be automatically created. The product name will be the same name as the account name, for example: if your account name is "Acme", an "Acme" product will automatically be created in every newly created environment.

You can edit the name of the default product, or even remove it altogether and create a new one.