High availability architecture

Stigg's mission is to create a reliable and highly available solution that won't interrupt the mission-critical functionality of your application. To make sure that the critical paths are not affected, in case of a network error or if our services are unavailable for any reason, we have a few guardrails in place.

We prioritized the following SDK functions as "mission-critical":

  • Accessing customer entitlements (P95 latency of 100ms)
  • Reporting usage measurements (P95 latency of 200ms)

Management API Mission-critical APIs
  • ELB
  • Fargate
  • RDS
  • SQS
  • Lambda
  • Aurora Global Database
  • Route 53
  • CloudFront
  • Lambda@Edge
  • DynamoDB
  • Multi region
  • Active-Active
  • Automated failover
  • Multi region
  • Automated failover
SLA >99.9999% for β‰₯2 origins >99.9975% for β‰₯2 origins