Viewing the list of customers

Selecting the Customers section in the left navigation pane will provide you with a list of all of your customers.

In this screen you can add a new customer, or search for a specific customer.

Clicking on a row of a specific customer will allow you to manage that customer.

Creating a new customer

For the most part, creation of new customers should be done using the Stigg server SDK; however, this is also possible using the Stigg Cloud Console.

In the customer list screen, click on the "+ New customer" button.

Enter the below details in the opened modal:

  1. ID - will be auto-generated by Stigg. Use this ID to refer to the customer in your application. To link an existing customer, override the auto-generated value.
  2. Name - optional field, the display name of the customer.
  3. Email - optional field, the email address of the customer that's used for billing.

Click "Create" to confirm the action.

Applying a coupon

Discounts can be granted to customers using coupons. Customers can have at most one applied coupon.

Once a coupon is applied to a customer, the discount will be applied to the next invoice of every active paid subscription.

To apply a coupon to a customer

  1. Click on the "Apply coupon" link under the customer details section,
  2. Select the relevant coupon
  3. Click "Apply".

To remove a coupon from a customer

  1. Hover on the relevant coupon in the customer details section
  2. Click on the trash icon.
  3. Click "Remove" to confirm the action.

Viewing customer's subscriptions

The "Subscriptions" section of the customer details screen allows you to view the currently active subscriptions, as well as the customer's subscription history.

Clicking on a specific subscription will provide additional visibility to the subscription details.

For more details, see Subscriptions.

Managing customers' promotional entitlements

Promotional entitlements represent functionality that is granted to a specific customer. Promotional entitlements can be granted to customers for a limited time period, or for the lifetime of the customer.


Stigg follows a "generous" approach towards customers; that is:

  1. If the configuration value or limit that's granted to the customer using the promotional entitlement is more generous that the value that the customer is eligible for as part of their subscriptions, the value of the promotional entitlement will prevail.
  2. If the value or limit that the customer is eligible for as part of their subscriptions is more generous than the value of the promotional entitlement, the value of the subscriptions will prevail.

Determining the bottom line of the functionality that the customer is eligible for is possible using the entitlement summary view.

To add a promotional entitlement

Click on the "+ Add" button under the "Promotional entitlements" section of selected customer.

In the opened modal:

  1. Search for the features that you'd like to grant to the customer and select them from the list.
  2. Apply the relevant configuration for the selected features:
    1. Configuration features must be defined with the configuration value.
    2. Metered features can be defined with a limit or without one. Features with an incremental meter also need to be specified with the reset period (monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly), for example: to represent a feature with a limited number of API calls per month.
  3. Click "Next".
  4. Select the promotion period - either using one of the available presets or by entering a custom end date. To set an infinite period, select the "Lifetime" preset.
  5. Select whether the promotional entitlement will be visible to the customer or not - this will be determine whether the promotional entitlement will appear in the customer portal that's rendered using Stigg's SDK or not.
  6. Click "Add" to confirm the action.

To edit a promotional entitlement

  1. Click on the dotted menu icon of the relevant row.
  2. Select the "Edit" action.
  3. Apply the desired changes.
  4. Click on "Save changes".

To remove a promotional entitlement

  1. Click on the dotted menu icon of the relevant row.
  2. Select the "Remove" action
  3. Confirm the action.

Viewing customers' entitlement usage

The "Entitlement usage" section of the customer details screen provides visibility for the customer's usage of metered entitlements - both the current usage and usage over time.

This section is helpful in identifying customers that are close to exhausting their quota, have exhausted it, or have surpassed their quota.

The visibility of the usage over time allows you to identify patterns in the customer's usage.


For features that are metered using an incremental meter, Stigg provides visibility for reset period (monthly, weekly, etc.), as well as to the next time that the usage will be reset on.

Viewing customers' entitlement summary

Clicking on the "Entitlement summary" tab will provide you with visibility to the summary of the all customer's entitlements. The summary includes:

  1. Entitlements from all of the products, plans and add-ons that the customer has a subscription for.
  2. Promotional entitlements that were granted to the specific customer.
  3. An indication of how the entitlement value is calculated, for example: from the current plan, a base plan, multiple instances of a specific add-ons, promotional entitlements, etc.

The summary is useful for troubleshooting and customer support.

Storing metadata

It's possible to store metadata on each customer. The metadata can then be leveraged by the hosting application and third-party solutions via the Stigg SDKs, API and webhooks to implement custom functionality.

To store metadata on a specific customer, under the "Metadata" section of selected customer click on the "Add" (if there's no metadata) or "Edit" buttons.

Enter the relevant keys and values.

Click "Add" (if there was previously no metadata) or "Save changes" buttons to apply the changes.

Editing customer details

To edit details of a customer, click on the dotted menu icon of the relevant row, and select the "Edit" action.

Once done, click on the "Save changes" button in the opened modal.


Some properties of a plan (for example: its ID), cannot be modified after the plan is created.

Adding a payment method

When Stigg is integrated with a billing solution, in order to create a paid subscription, the customer must have a valid payment method that can be used for billing the subscription.

For the most part, payment method are entered by customers during the checkout process when they attempt to pay for a paid subscription; however, Stigg also allows admins to add payment method on their behalf when customer don't have a defined payment method. This functionality is helpful when a tech support or customer success representative is assisting a customer in completing their subscription.

To add a payment method, simply click on the "Add payment method" link under the customer details section.

Enter the customer's payment information.

Click "Add".


The customer's payment method is stored directly in the billing solution that's integrated with Stigg (for example: Stripe). The information is never stored in Stigg itself.

Deleting a customer

To delete a customer, click on the dotted menu icon of the relevant row, and select the "Delete" action.

Confirm the action by clicking on the "Delete" button in the opened modal.


Customers with active subscriptions or that reported usage of metered features cannot be deleted.