Scalability and durability


Stigg's metering and aggregation capabilities are designed from the ground up for managing high-volume real-time use cases:

  • The Stigg API and SDKs allow you to report usage events in batches, with up to 1000 events per batch.
  • Usage events can be reported in parallel from multiple distributed reporters without requiring any coordination.
  • Built-in idempotency guarantees that duplicate events are only reported once.
  • Current usage is accessed from a distributed cache and is automatically replicated across multiple regions.
  • Local caching allows you to access reported usage without needing to make a call over the network.


If you're expected to report more than 1000 events per second let us know.

Durability and recovery

Reported usage events are stored in their original format in a highly available persistent data store with 99.999999999% of durability. This is allows you to rebuild usage data from scratch at any point in time if needed.