Bill customers using invoices


In some cases, especially in B2B SaaS, payment for subscriptions is done via wire transfers.

Luckily, Stigg allows you generate invoice for subscriptions and mark them as paid after receiving confirmation that the relevant funds have been transferred.


  1. The product pricing that's defined in Stigg includes a paid plan.
  2. Stigg is integrated with Stripe.
  3. The customer has a valid email address defined in Stigg.
  4. Your bank account details appear on generated invoice - this is automatically added when Stripe is configured to accept payments via ACH. Alternatively, this can be defined in Stripe as as part of the invoice fields.

Provisioning the subscription in Stigg

In the Stigg app, open the relevant customer.

Under the "Subscriptions" section click on the "+ Add" button.

Configure the subscription to the terms that were agreed with the customer, for example: plan charges, add-ons, prices, etc.

Under the "Payment" section, select Χ΄Generate an invoice to the customer to pay manually".

Ensure that "Invoice status" is set to "Open".

Share the invoice with the customer

The subscription's invoice, which includes the details required for performing the wire transfer, can be shared with customers using a few methods:

  1. Payment link
  2. PDF

Payment link

Sharing the subscription's invoice with customers via a payment link allows them to access the invoice details using an interactive user interface.

In addition, it offers them an opportunity to pay for the subscription using additional payment methods, such as credit cards.

For more details, see:


To share the subscription's invoice as a PDF file, under the subscription details click on the amount of open invoice.


Customers can leverage the payment details that appear in the invoice to transfer funds to the relevant bank account.

By default, customers have 30 days to complete the payment before the link expires.

When an open invoice is not paid within the allowed interval, the subscription in Stigg is automatically canceled.

Mark the invoice as paid

When payment for the subscription is done via ACH, Stripe will automatically mark the invoice as paid.

When payment for the subscription is transferred to a bank account outside of Stripe, the invoice needs to manually be marked as paid. After confirming that payment was received, you can leverage the Stigg app to mark the invoice as paid.

Once the invoice is paid, the subscription in Stigg becomes active and access to the the relevant entitlements is granted.

Recurring payments

When customers have a default payment on file, Stigg leverages Stripe to automatically attempt to charge this payment method for any subsequent payments.

When no payment on file exists, an invoice is generated according to the customer's billing terms and is automatically sent via email to customer's email address.

You can configure this behavior, as well as set up reminders for unpaid invoices in Stripe:

Visibility for customer invoices

Stigg currently provides visibility for the last invoice that was generated for each subscription.

Viewing the full list of invoices is possible via the Stripe dashboard, which is accessible using a deep-link in the subscription details.

Visibility for all of the subscription invoices inside the Stigg app is also planned.

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