Stigg's Vue SDK is a Javascript library for embedding self-service components in Vue 3 apps.
It is based on React SDK components under the hood.

Installing the SDK

Install the @stigg/vue-sdk package in your project using one of the below method:

From npm:

npm install @stigg/vue-sdk

From yarn:

yarn add @stigg/vue-sdk

Retrieving the client API key

In the Stigg Cloud Console, go to Settings > Account > Environments.

Copy the Client API key of the relevant environment.

Getting started

Import the library's CSS styles:

import '@stigg/vue-sdk/dist/style.css';

Configure the SDK by wrapping your application in StiggProvider:

<script setup lang="ts">
import { StiggProvider, StiggProviderProps } from '@stigg/vue-sdk';

const stiggProvider: StiggProviderProps = {
   apiKey: "<STIGG_CLIENT_API_KEY>",


   <StiggProvider v-bind="stiggProvider">
      <NestedComponents />

Rendering widgets

Example project