Viewing usage events


Stigg provides visibility for recently reported usage events, which is useful for debugging and troubleshooting.

To view the usage event feed, click on the "Usage events" item in the left navigation pane.

Event details

Clicking on a specific event in event list will open a pane with additional details, including:

  1. Idempotency key
  2. Time timestamp of when it was ingested by Stigg.
  3. The customer that the usage event was attributed to (when relevant) - the name of the attributed customer is clickable and allows navigation to the customer details screen of the relevant customer using a single click.
  4. Full event data

Raw events

The event data of raw events that are reported to Stigg include the entire payload of the event.

Calculated usage

When calculated usage is reported to Stigg, this is reflected as $usage.reported event.

The event data includes the following dimensions:

  1. featureRefId - the Stigg feature ID that usage was reported for
  2. value - the usage delta that was reported to Stigg

Filtering events

To allow easy troubleshooting, usage events can be filtered according to a specific customer.

Automatic refresh

The usage event feed automatically refreshes every 5 seconds.

Pausing feed

The feed can be paused by clicking on the "Pause feed" button.

Resuming feed

To resume automatic refresh click on the "Resume feed" button.