Webflow, Wordpress and plain HTML


The Embed SDK is a Javascript library for presenting Stigg components in websites that are created using Webflow, Wordpress, or plain HTML.

Under the hood, the Embed SDK wraps the React SDK and allows you to inject the same components into your website without needing to include any additional frameworks.

Installing the SDK

To include the Embed SDK in the page, you need to add the following <script> tag to the <body> element:

<script src="https://assets.stigg.io/npm/@stigg/[email protected]/dist/embed-sdk.js"></script>

You also need to include the styles in the <head> tag:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://assets.stigg.io/npm/@stigg/[email protected]/dist/embed-sdk.css" />

Retrieving the client API key

In the Stigg Cloud Console, go to Settings > Account > Environments.

Copy the Client API key of the relevant environment.

Getting started

You'll need to initialize the Embed SDK with your API key. For the list of additional parameters that can be passed please refer to the React SDK's <StiggProvider/> component.

  const stigg = Stigg({ apiKey: "YOUR-CLIENT-API-KEY" });

Rendering widgets

Customization options

You can customize the paywall look and feel using the options that are supported by the React SDK. You can find more information about the options here.