Ability to run experiments on the customer journey

We're excited to share that the Stigg platform can now be leveraged to run pricing experiments on your customer base.

Using this new functionality you can run A/B tests to test different pricing strategies, and determine which strategy results in an increased conversion rate, revenue and overall customer lifetime value (LTV).

The first supported use-case allows you to test how changes to your product's customer journey affect the conversion rate of your users to paying customers.

For example: using this experiment you can determine whether it's preferable to define your customer's initial access to your product using a freemium, a free trial period, or even a reverse trial model.

Basic analysis of the experiment results can take place inside the Stigg platform:

More thorough analysis can take place using third-party applications, such as Mixpanel and Amplitude, by integrating Stigg with them.

Together with Stigg's ability to provide insights about your pricing strategy and support for plan and add-on versioning, the new experimentation capability allows you to test and rollout packaging and pricing changes to your customers with confidence.

To learn more how you can run your first experiment, click here.


In order to run experiments on the customer journey, customers must be created using the provisionCustomer API