Report usage to Stigg and sell it to customers in a different granularity

Stigg allows you to report usage in a high granularity (for example: bytes) and present it customers in a different granularity (for example: GB).

When this configuration is enabled, even though the usage is reported in the higher granularity (i.e. bytes), throughout the Stigg app and SDK methods the units will be returned in the lower granularity (i.e. GB).

When integrated with a billing solution, the lower granularity units (i.e. GB) will be rounded up to the nearest integer. This means that if a customer is paying per used GB and has used 0.02 GB, they'll be billed for 1 GB.

To enable this configuration, when creating or editing a metered feature toggle on the "Feature is sold in different units" setting.

Define the units that will be presented to customers and the conversion rate between the reporting units and presented units, for example: 1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes.

Save the changes.


Changing the conversion rate is only possible when there are no active subscriptions that use this feature.