How are customer entitlements calculated?

In software, an entitlement refers to the right to use services, products, or in our case: application features. Entitlements can provide fine-grained controls over how an individual or organization can use software.

In Stigg, entitlements represent a combination of a feature and its configuration. The result is functionality that each customer is entitled to.

In Stigg, customers can be granted entitlements from multiple sources:

  1. Active subscription
    1. Active plan - an entitlement that's defined for the current plan that the customer is subscribed to.
    2. Base plan - an entitlement that's inherited from a parent plan of the plan that the customer is subscribed to.
    3. Add-ons
      1. When the add-on entitlement behavior is set to "Increment plan limit" the entitlement value will be a sum of the plan limit and the add-on entitlement value.
      2. When the add-on entitlement behavior is set to "Override plan limit" the entitlement value of the add-on would override the plan limit.
      3. When the customer is subscribed to multiple add-ons with different entitlement behaviors (increment / override) the maximum override value will be used.
      4. When the customer's subscription includes multiple add-on instances, the add-on entitlement value would be multiplied by number of add-on instances.
  2. Trial subscription - an entitlement that's defined in a subscription that the customer is currently trialing. This is possible since Stigg allows customers to trial a higher tier, while still paying for an active subscription.
  3. Promotional entitlements that have been granted to the customer - granting promotional entitlements to a customer affects all of their subscriptions.
  4. Additional product - relevant when a customer is subscribed both to a product that allows only a single active subscription and a product that allows multiple active subscriptions. In that case, the customer will get the entitlements from the single active subscription product in addition to the higher value in features that are offered both in the single and the multiple active subscriptions product.


Stigg follows a generous approach, and will therefore grant the customer the maximum value between (1)-(4).