How can I bill customers for a self-served plan using an invoice?


The common use-case is to allow customers pay for self-served plans using an invoice.

If you are looking for a more customizable subscription with unique subscription content, pricing and payment terms per customer, you would want to consider using a Custom plan .

Step-by-step guide

This can be configured on the subscription level when provisioning a subscription to a customer. Here's how:

On the Stigg console, go to the Customer tab and choose the relevant customer.

Go to Subscriptions and click "Add".

Enter the subscription information, including plan and optional add-ons.

Under the "Payment" section select "Don't leverage Stigg to manage payments for this subscription".

Click "Create" to complete the process.


Leveraging this option would mean that Stigg manages only the entitlements for this subscription, hence any changes to that subscription on the billing provider would need to be updated manually on Stigg.


Currently, this option is available only on the UI.