Introducing the Feature Inspector

We're excited to launch the Feature Inspector - an ability for Stigg admins to gain insights about the usage of their product's feature.

Using this feature, you can optimize your plans' feature limits, and answer questions, such as:

  1. Is there a feature with an under-utilized usage, that we can lower its limit in order to increase conversion to higher tiers?
  2. Is there a feature with over-utilized usage, that we can further monetize by introducing add-ons or additional plans?

By leveraging similar functionality, Zoom was able to optimize the limit of their free plan's meeting length and increase conversion.

Start inspecting today!

To inspect a feature, click on the Dashboard > Feature inspector item from the left navigation pane, and select a feature that's metered by Stigg from the top-left drop-down menu.

Gain insights from different angles

The feature inspector is composed of 3 views:

  1. Distribution of the number of customers according to their usage
  2. Visibility for the median feature usage over time
  3. Visibility for the customers with the top usage - clicking on each bar will take you to the relevant customer in Stigg

Focus on each plan

On the top-right corner you can select the plan that you'd like to focus your inspection on. When the relevant plan is selected, the usage of its customers and the plan's limit will be highlighted in the plan's color.

Report period

  1. For metered features that exhibit a fluctuating behavior (i.e. seats), the report period is for the last 30 days.
  2. For metered features that exhibit a continuously incremental behavior with a reset period (i.e. active users / month, API calls / month, etc.) it's possible to view the data from to the last completed reset period or the current incomplete reset period.


  1. An under-utilized feature, that can be leveraged to increase conversion by lowering its limit:

  1. An over-utilized feature, that can further be monetized by introducing add-ons and new plans


  1. The shown data doesn't include customers that didn't report any usage
  2. When customers upgrade from one plan to another, their usage is taken into consideration in all of the plans that they had subscriptions for during the report period